Channel Rules


Although we do have rules set out below, certain rules may be relaxed or made flexible at the discretion of the active operators. This will normally only be during periods of inactivity in the channel, or during ‘unsociable hours’ (e.g. 23:00 – 07:00) based on the Eastern Time (ET) time zone.

For ease of understanding, we have two classifications of rules: those that are always enforced, and those that can be flexible. All users are expected to obey rules that are either listed here, or put in place temporarily by any Op in the channel.

In all cases, the operator’s decision is final.

Always Enforced Rules

These are rules that are always enforced, and could potentially result in you being removed and/or banned from the channel.

Operators will aim to give users a warning before removing them, unless the intention is to purposefully harass or cause disruption.

  • No direct hate speech or abuse towards other users
  • No flooding of the channel – use #HDtest for testing scripts
  • No auto greeters
  • No messaging/PM’ing users without their permission
  • No inviting or advertising either in the channel or directly
  • No mass CTCP’s
  • No swearing whilst users are receiving help or the channel is active
  • No URL’s that link to malicious sites intended to cause harm
  • No linking to sites that are deemed ‘not safe for work’ without a warning

Flexible Rules

These are the rules that can be relaxed with permission from an active Op in the channel, and they will decide if/when you may make use of the flexibilities.

  • Help with off-topic subjects is permitted, providing the helper is knowledgeable in the subject
  • Casual swearing is permitted providing the channel is inactive (e.g. just you and someone else active)
  • MP3 and ‘now playing’ may be used providing they do not become an annoyance
  • Testing/debugging of scripts that output only one or two lines, providing an Op is active

What we don’t have a problem with

  • Idling – feel free to idle as long as you like
  • Helping others – as long as you’re sure of the answer, feel free to join in!
  • General chat – providing it doesn’t disrupt anyone getting help
  • Banter – as long as it’s intended to be fun and isn’t hateful
  • Sharing URL’s, providing they are appropriate and ideally ‘safe for work’

What we don’t help with

  • Anything illegal, immoral, damaging, intrusive or harmful to any person or computer
  • Any form of hacking or abusing any service
  • Any scripts that set out to be/cause/assist with any of the above

Disputes / Complaints

If for any reason you feel that you have been banned, mistreated or you’re not happy with something, please contact either Tw|tch or bleepy.