ChanServ Access Hierarchy

Action / Command Anyone Aop Sop Manager Founder
Remove yourself from access lists Y Y Y Y  –
Send channel memos Y* Y* Y* Y
Deop users via ChanServ Y Y Y Y
Invite themselves via ChanServ Y Y Y Y
List all AOp’s/SOp’s/Manager’s Y Y Y Y
Mass deop the channel Y Y Y Y
Op a user via ChanServ Y Y Y Y
Use ChanServ UNBAN Y Y Y Y
Use ChanServ WHY Y Y Y Y
Mass kick the channel Y** Y** Y**
Send SOP only memos (SENDSOP) Y Y Y
Add/Remove AOp’s Y Y Y
Add/Remove SOp’s Y Y
AKick Management Y Y
Change channel description Y Y
Turn on/off IDENT Y Y
Turn on/off KEEPTOPIC Y Y
Turn on/off LEAVEOPS Y Y
Change channel memo level Y** Y
Channel channel MLOCK Y Y
Turn on/off OPGUARD Y Y
Turn on/off PRIVATE Y Y
Turn on/off RESTRICT Y Y
Change channel TOPICLOCK Y** Y
Change the channel URL Y Y
Turn on/off VERBOSE Y Y
Change the WEBPASSWD Y Y
Turn on/off UNSECURE Y
Change channel successor Y
Add/Remove Managers Y
Drop the channel Y
Change channel password Y
Turn on/off MAILBLOCK Y


  • Subject to restrictions in place as setting can vary (e.g. memo level may be set to SOp, Manager, etc.)
    ** Providing users of higher access are not present in the channel (e.g. SOp cannot mass kick if a Manager or the Founder is present)
    *** Manager can change providing current level is not set to Founder