MemoServ Commands

Below is a list of all MemoServ commands.
Click each command to read more information and for examples of usage.

DEL - Delete memo(s)
Although this command will not remove memos, they will be marked as deleted (shows with a ‘D’ on a LIST command).

If instead of a number you use the ALL keyword, MemoServ will delete and PURGE all memos from your inbox permanently.

/memoserv DEL 4
/memoserv DEL 1,2,5
/memoserv DEL all

FORWARD - Control forwarding for memos
Use the FORWARD command to forward all memos sent to a nickname to another nickname. When a user sends a memo, they will see the nickname the memo is being forwarded to. This allows you to receive all your memos on one nickname, thus minimizing hassle and confusion.

You must have the password for the nickname you are forwarding to, and both nicknames must be registered.

The first example will show you if you currently have forwarding turned on.
The second example turns forwarding for your current nickname off.
The third example will turn forwarding on.

/memoserv forward
/memoserv forward –
/memoserv forward John j0hnp4ssw0rd

IGNORE - Control who can send memos to you
With the IGNORE command you can prevent certain nicknames or hostmasks from sending memos to you.

Examples to LIST:
/memoserv ignore list

Examples to ADD:
/memoserv ignore add Fred
/memoserv ignore add *!*

Example to REMOVE:
/memoserv ignore del Fred
/memoserv ignore del *!*

Example to WIPE:
/memoserv ignore wipe

LIST - View a list of all your memos
This command will display the first twenty memos in your memo box. An asterix (*) represents all new memos. If you wish to display memos past your first twenty, specify a starting point.

/memoserv list
/memoserv list 21

NEWS - Read the latest network news
Display the latest network and services news.

/memoserv news

PURGE - Remove memos marked as deleted
You use the PURGE command to remove all memos that are marked as deleted from your inbox.

Please note that after using the command all memos will be permanently deleted, and unrecoverable.

/memoserv purge

READ - Read your memo(s)
You use the READ command to display memo(s) that have been sent to you. Separate multiple memos with a comma.

To obtain the memo index, you use the LIST command.

/memoserv READ 1
/memoserv READ 2,4,5,7

SEND - Send a memo to a user or channel
Using the SEND command, you can send a memo to another user or a registered channel.

The recipient can be a registered nickname, or a registered channel that you have access to and allows channel memos.

/memoserv send Fred This is an example of a memo!
/memoserv send #Fred Hey everyone, I’m Fred!

SENDSOP - Send a memo to SOp's of a channel
Use the SENDSOP command to send a message to all SOp’s, Manager’s and the Founder of a channel.

The format is the same as that of the SEND command above, however the recipient must be a channel name. Depending on the channel’s MEMO setting, you may not be able to use this command.

UNDEL - Restore a memo marked as deleted
You use the UNDEL command to undelete memos that you have previously marked as deleted.

Note that you cannot restore memos that have been deleted using the PURGE command.

/memoserv undel 3
/memoserv undel 1,2,3,4,5