Register a Channel

Channel registrations on DALnet are handled by ChanServ, one of DALnet’s services.

You should only ever provide your channel password to ChanServ.
Nobody else on DALnet will ever ask for it, even if they claim to be staff.

Registering your channel on DALnet has many benefits, including:

  • Ensuring only you can change its settings
  • Being able to control who can be an operator (@)
  • Control who can change the topic

You will need:

  • A registered nickname (Need to register?)
  • A secure password
  • A description of the channel

How to register:

/msg REGISTER #channel password description

Example: /msg register #cars myp4ssw0rd A channel about cars

What happens next:

Your channel will be registered straight away, and you can go ahead and set it up how you want it. For details on what you can do, you can find a list of ChanServ commands here, or you can use /msg HELP SET

We also advise checking out the Secure Your Channel page so that you can set some essential security-related settings.

Channels will expire if they are not used for more than 30 days.