Secure Your Channel

Once you’ve registered your channel, you will probably want to set it up by using
some ChanServ commands to make sure everything is set up how you want.

This is just an outline of the most common set-up for a channel, and more options
are available by using /ChanServ HELP SET or on this page.

Some commands below can be overridden by users with higher access. Please
click here to see the hierarchy of access lists, and what users can do.

Keep your topic, and controlling who can change it:

You have two ways to do this. Both methods will ensure the topic is set back to how it was once the first user joins the channel.

To allow any operator to change the topic:
This includes ones that are only opped temporarily, you use the KEEPTOPIC setting:
/ChanServ SET #channel KEEPTOPIC ON

To only allow SOp’s or above to change the topic:
You would use the TOPICLOCK setting:
/ChanServ SET #channel TOPICLOCK <sop|manager|founder>

e.g. /ChanServ SET #mychannel TOPICLOCK founder
will only allow the founder to change the topic. If another op tries to change it, ChanServ will set it back to the previous topic.

Note that TOPICLOCK also turns on KEEPTOPIC, so the topic is still remembered if the channel becomes empty.

Remember that anyone above the level you specify can also change the topic,
so if you set it to SOp, then SOp’s, Manager’s and the Founder can also change it.

Ensure that channel modes cannot be changed

The next most important part, is ensuring that channel modes are maintained, specifically +n and +t.

A complete list of channel modes is available here.

+n stops people from being able to /msg your channel while they’re not in it.
+t means that only ops can change topics – otherwise anyone can.

To set the mode lock, you use the MLOCK option:
/ChanServ SET #channel MLOCK +nt

You can also use – to prevent modes from being set, e.g. to stop a channel
from being set to Invite Only, you can use an MLOCK of +nt-i

See notifications when users add AOp’s, SOp’s, etc.

Some users like ChanServ to notify the ops of the channel when, for instance, an SOp adds an AOp to the access lists, or the Founder adds an SOp.

This is done by using the VERBOSE option:
/ChanServ SET #channel VERBOSE on

Only allow users to be opped if they are an AOp, SOp or Manager

This setting prevents users being opped if they are not on one of the access lists of the channel (AOp, SOp, Manager, Founder)

This is done by using the OPGUARD option:
/ChanServ SET #channel OPGUARD on